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Proxifier Setup Guide (Mac OSX, WindowXP, Vista)

Posted by gametuneproxy on April 28, 2009

Proxifier Setup Guide:

Download from to

1)Launch Proxifier and open the proxy settings.

2)Click Add…

3) * set “Address” as
* set “Port” as 3128
* select “HTTP ”
* TICK “Use authentication”
* Key in your username and password
* click “Ok”

4) Select Proxification Rules…

5) * Select “Process Only the following + manually proxified”
* Uncheck the “Loopback” rule
* Click Add…

6) * Give the rule a name eg: “WOW”
* Click Add… under “Applications” and select your wow.exe file
* Leave “IP Ranges” as “ALL”
* Leave “Port Range” as “ALL”
* Click Ok…

7) * Make sure that your new rule “WOW” is selected
* Click Ok…

That’s it! Next time you want to play wow just launch the WoW app, make sure Proxifier is running and then start WOW.

Important Notes:

In Windows Vista If Proxifier loads WoW with no ping change.

You will need to go to your Proxifier install directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Proxifier.) Right Click on your proxifier.exe. Then click PROPERTIES then under the COMPATIBILITY tab at the bottom, TICK “Run this Program as an Administrator” then click APPLY.

If you cannot tick the box (greyed Out) your User Access Control may be turned off (UAC can be turned On in Your user accounts area.)


Proxifier gives a Network error when starting for the first time
Go to Start Menu/Programs/Proxifier and start the “Network Configurator”. Once you’ve gone through the wizard, Proxifier should work.


2 Responses to “Proxifier Setup Guide (Mac OSX, WindowXP, Vista)”

  1. Cheers for this post, I’ve learned a lot more now about WoW! Your post was an huge aid. I hope you will show more of your guides!.

  2. gametuneproxy said

    Sorry. Gametune Proxies are solely for gaming purpose.

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